Your Top Christmas Lists

Your Top Christmas Lists – Winter is coming!

And we all know what that means! Christmas!

I’m here to give you a hand and show you some of the best products you can buy. From decorations to trees, to gifts and more. You can even request a list if I haven’t covered something you need. Don’t be shy.

Let’s be fair, buying things for Christmas can be chaos

Especially in the shops! So do yourself a favour and try doing some shopping online, you’ll save tonnes of time and you’ll find the best deals too. Not to mention the ability to compare products to find the cheapest.

Now I know, online shopping isn’t for everyone and there are many people who love looking in an actual shop. I do nearly all my shopping online, except for books. Books belong in a shop to be touched and fingered.

So! Christmas! Less than 3 months to go! But where is the best place to buy your goods? There are a multitude of places you can go, but Amazon by far have the best deals and quantity. So I’m going to bring you the best deals and some of the craziest but wanted products out there.

Over time I will do video posts and even video reviews about products, you can also catch me on Instagram – yourtopchristmaslists be there or be… square!


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