The Top Tinsel Plaques You Are Missing Out On

Not far from me is a hardware store that sells everything –  and I mean everything. From Superglue to Sawdust, they’ve got it. Every year though they roll out their Christmas decorations and they always leave me feeling like I’m in a bargain basement.

I like proper Christmas decorations, what I don’t like is very thin scraggly things that look like they have been put together in a mass factory and shipping in for 1p. No, no, not on my walls.

I’m going to make some basic assumptions that maybe a few of you feel the same, you want quality. You may even agree with me that, you get what you pay for. Rarely am I proven wrong. Although when I am proven wrong, I happily happily post it around my social media accounts for all to see.

From Bad To Good

Let me give you an example of what I mean. It’s a bit like expectations vs reality…

So this is the reality. It’s a pretty simple tinsel decoration of a star, about 10inches in height, wonky and after a bit of handling or time in the basket, it starts to unravel before you’ve reached the till area. Not cool.

And this is the expectation, a nice and neat structure, all pretty and… OK so back to my previous statement of you get what you pay for? Yeah you do in most cases and I guess I am stupid to think something a couple of quid could look great or survive more than one Christmas.

Value Over Time

I appreciate that some people change their decorations each year, maybe they want a different colour. Who wouldn’t? We decorate our houses more than once, change car colours even so it’s absolutely acceptable to change our decoration colours.

What I have been investing in now I am older though, is the premise that I want to buy decorations that are going to last. Decorations that the kids can grow up with. I remember having the same decorations as a child, there was something fun and comforting about it. It helped create the magical atmosphere – It must be Christmas because Dads put the hangy things on the ceilings – bravo!

So I will pay that little but more for something now. Maybe something that doesn’t have a dominate colour or is neutral. A Christmas snow globe for example or a nice Christmas centrepiece. I’m quite fond of unusual things too – I totally wouldn’t mind a Christmas Superman Plaque or the Christmas nativity scene made out of Marvel characters.

That might be one of my next posts actually… Hmm,,,

Until then, I’ve popped a few rather appealing decorations – appealing to me I should add but hopefully you’ll like them too.



I absolutely love the Choo Choo Train! I can imagine my toddlers face now! She’s actually not long learnt how to say choo choo. It’s quite cute really when you’re on the train with her and she chimes ‘Ch-ooo Ch-ooo’.

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