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It’s that mountain bike time of year, either because it’s on their Christmas list, they need a new one or you need to treat yourself.

If only it was as simple as just asking for a mountain bike and not have to consider the usage, suspension, brake types and what it likes for diner. So below I’m going to go through a few basic things to get you thinking.

What type of mountain bike do you need?

Well let’s be brutality honest, most of the time when we buy bikes we don’t really need all the gadgets and who har but, it is what we are accustomed to.

Ask yourself a few questions

  • What is the main use? (Going to work, playing out with friends, mountain bike trailing or a mixture)
  • Do you need suspension? (If you aren’t using it very much and just to travel, you probably won’t need it but if you are a hardcore trailer you will need the full works)
  • What kind of brakes do you want? (V shape brakes which are the most common or disc brakes which are more reliable)
  • The frame size, do you know what you need? (Bikes will come in frame sizes as well as wheel sizes. Getting the right frame size is important for reach and safety.)

Once you know the answers to these basic questions, you will have a rough idea of what you need.

Different types of mountain bikes

No suspension

Not all mountain bikes have suspension, these are a typical example of your general use type. The tyres are still wider with good grip for mixed terrain but they won’t stand a hardcore trail and neither will you on it. You’ll feel every lump and bump as you go along, very much like if a car didn’t have shock absorption. Think of them as your good ‘all rounder’.

Suspension mountain bike (Front Forks)

The most common type for this category is front suspension on the forks. This means you will feel less bumps at the front and it provides some assistance too. Bumping up the kerb or navigating through difficult terrain will be easier and less likely to get you throw off.

Suspension Mountain BikeFront fork suspension Ladies suspension mountain bikemens suspension mountain bike

Full suspension mountain bike or Dual Suspension

Stepping into this category is the start of a hardcore hobby. The suspension is front fork and back giving you a much smoother ride and more control. If you like using the trails, full suspension is a must for you but saying that, I’ve always wanted full suspension for just travelling to work as the surface was pretty rough and mixed.

Full suspension mountain bikeduel suspension mountain bike

unisex mountain bike


Folding Mountain Bikes
Yes they are a thing! A few customers who have bought this have hailed it as a great piece of kit and would use it on moderate terrain. The trouble with bikes, in general, is how bulky they are so having a folding bike means fitting it in the boot of the car rather than on the outside. Now I have seen regular road folding bike types but this is the first time I have come across a folding mountain bike and I’m pretty impressed, especially as the pricing doesn’t seem through the roof like you would expect.

Folding mountain bike


Don’t forget to consider these simple but needed helpers and for your conveniece I have linked the top ranking search for that category. You’re welcome. Just click here to start browsing.

  • Helmets/protective gear
  • Gloves/body wear/trainers
  • Saddles – slimline, padded and gel types
  • Bike locks
  • Mudguards
  • Lighting
  • Computers/gadgets

The Bikes used in this blog

I should tell you that the bikes I have used here, were chosen because they are in the top rated section by their customer reviews. So you can take from that, from people that own them, they are good bikes to consider or choosing similar. Now if you do buy online, wherever it may be, look at the reviews. Don’t just consider the review of the bike but the review of the company too, see if they are many disappointed customers or complaints. The bike might be great but you want to know you are in safe hands should you have a problem.


Shop around and really take the time to look at the specification of what you are buying. Don’t just consider the now but consider if you can still grow into the bike or if there is a possibility you will need a different one in the future. A bit like buying a car. Also don’t just go for the one that you are attracted to because it is pretty, I could have bought so many bikes this way, buy one based on your needs. By the end of it you want to be saying ‘Yes, I found the best mountain bike for me’ and be confident you have done so.


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