Top 5 – The Best Dishwasher This Christmas

The Best Dishwasher

You’ll need to know what the best dishwasher is because it’s Christmas, that means there’s a huge chance yours will break down. A bit like the oven really. If there is a time for these things to break, it’s Christmas day when the turkey has not long gone in and you end up carting it in the car to someone else’s house to borrow their oven.

What makes something ‘the best’ dishwasher?

Here I’m going to go through the top 5 dishwashers based on their customer reviews. This means the people who have owned them, are posting reviews and talking from experience. No better figures to trust than those based on real life experiences.

The Best Dishwasher – The top 5 list

  1. Indesit DSR15B1 Dishwasher Slimline – Freestanding 

With a fantastic energy efficiency and it’s space saving design, it’s easy to see how this got it’s great reviews. It is also available in black and silver as well as white as shown. Customers are stating they are very impressed with this model, it was easy to install and it’s great value for money.

The best dishwasher

2. Bosch SMS40C32GB ActiveWater 12 Place

This is another A+ energy rating, it also boasts an eco silence drive which will help keep the noise to a minimum. It’s a 12 place, full size dishwasher, so it’s perfect for a family. The review on this model are fantastic and the amount of features it has are brilliant too. Many of the 5 star review leavers said they chose this model after reading other peoples reviews and they certainly weren’t disappointed.

The best dishwasher

3. White Knight DW0945WA Slimline

I personally have had a few White Knight appliances and I have never been disappointed, so as a brand I would recommend them. Like the ones above this again is an A energy rating but it has some great features on including delay start. You might think to yourself why would you want that? Surely you just start it once you’ve loaded it? Say for example you want to have a shower but want to sort the dishwasher out first, you can do so and then set the timer delay to run in an hours time, so you can have your shower. No hot or cold shower as it won’t interrupt you and you won’t forget to press the button as you head out. Another instance is having the washing machine on, maybe you don’t want them on at the same time, so you set the delay to start after the washing machine has finished. There are a number of scenarios where it could be useful and eventually you find yours too.

The best dishwasher

4. Indesit DFG15B1K Full Size

I am a sucker for black goods and generally I end up paying that little bit more for the privilege too. But, my kitchen is red and black so at least it all matches. It has the standard features of a great energy efficient model and customers are hailing it a great buy. A couple have also said it is a lot quieter than they expected which is an added bonus!

The best dishwasher

5. Bosch Serie 4 Table Top Dishwasher

This is a free standing table top or counter top dishwasher, so it is perfect for students, single occupants or for those who simply don’t have the space for a bigger one. For what it lacks in size it certainly makes up for in features and efficiency as it is an A+ and one of the best rated in this list. This compact dishwasher is hailed as a good build, fantastic value and fairly quiet. Customers who have bought this have suffered from small kitchens and are extremely glad they found it. One customer said it was the best thing they have ever done plus Bosch is a very well known brand which speaks for itself.

The best dishwasher

If I had to pick one

It wasn’t so long ago I was doing the exact same thing and if I had to pick one out of this list it would be number 4. The best dishwasher to me is one that has all the features, a great energy rating and one that doesn’t sound like it’s mixing concrete. Plus… it’s black and I like my appliances black to match my kitchen. Black appliances are a little rarer than white as traditionally most are made white with other colour options added later.

Additional Tips

If you want to get the best out of your dishwasher and help increase it’s efficiency, follow these basic tips.

  • Keep the rinse aid and salt topped up
  • Clear as much food as possible off of the dishes before loading them. If they are really soiled, get the worst off by soaking them or giving them a rinse. The dishwasher will then be able to clean them better and kill any bacteria. You can make a dishwasher detergent/water mix in a spray bottle and prespare the dishes while loading, the detergent will get to work while you are loading the rest of the dishwasher.
  • Check the filter regularly, if you can get in the habit of looking at it after each wash that’s great but you’ll want to make sure you check it at least every 3 washes minimum. Food and small parts can collect there which will slow the drainage down and cause blockages (another reason to make sure as much food is off the plates as possible)
  • Clean the machine. I think this is personal preference to be honest depending on the amount of usage. If you are a heavy user, using it 2-3 times a day I would say clean it once a week with the dishwasher cleaner that sits in the cutlery basket (You can also use white vinegar or baking soda which will also help if it smells bad). You might choose to clean it every couple of weeks or once a month but keeping a clean dishwasher will help it maintain a healthy environment and keep it’s efficiency high.
  • Stop losing small things – If you keep losing your small utensils or baby spoons or they split and interfere with the water rotation, pop them in one of those mesh bags you can buy for washing machines. The mesh will allow the water to pass in nicely, while keeping it all together!

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