Uni Students – The Best Christmas Gifts

Looking for the best Christmas gifts this Christmas?

Let’s not forget our budding geniuses! Going back to Uni for the year or starting it, is a bit like going back to school when you are younger but now the gifts are even better!

For most technology gifts are at the top of the list but don’t forget the all important stationery! Yes.. some people actually still use pencils and pens.

If you ask Uni students parents what they fear they will need the most, a surprising amount will say food. They worry due to lack of money or because they don’t want to ask for help, that they will actually go hungry. I know a few students who have practically lived off pot noodles. Bless pot noodles!

Great gift ideas –

So here are some great gift ideas for the student in your life when food is concerned. OK you got me, with a hint of alcohol, but it is Christmas! And a students Christmas at that. Now when we say students, we don’t have to just mean gifts for University students (although if they are living away from home, these types of care packages are spot on!). Of course we can include college students (over 18s in this case!), so if you need a gift for a college student, you can still count this as a win. Some college students have moved out or house share even.

I appreciate to some people it may seem a little insane to send things like this when the students could just buy the stuff with gifted money. Well yes they could but take into consideration this – 1. It’s a gift, so you want it to be delivered and have that novel feeling. 2. If they live far away its a great way of ensuring they actually get something they can eat and maybe a varied diet. 3. Stereotypically students are lazy, I’m not saying yours is but going by a few I know for sure…

Christmas presents for students kitchens –

Here are some great ideas to start you off for kitchen essentials. So we’ve got some kitchen utensils, kitchen equipment and the mandatory mugs. Everyone needs a mug. I have 8 in fact.

What else could a student need for their kitchen or food stash? Crikey! There’s no sweets or popcorn! Let’s sort that out a minute!

HELLO! Now that is what I call a sweet collection! Sweee-t! That’s that sorted and I must admit I’m hella tempted myself. Those rainbow twists are one of my favourites.

Hopefully this has given you plenty of idea. I’m not a student any more but even I could do with a few of these!


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