The Best Artificial Christmas Trees That Are Putting Yours To Shame

Let the arguments begin!

When is too early to put your tree up? Now? Is that too early? OK, after Halloween then? A lot of people I know say you have to wait until December to pop the tree up but it’s just so exciting! The tree, the decorations, the fun and the atmosphere with the family!

It’s giving me shivers already.

So let’s look at some of the best trees on the market right now.

  1. 9′ Pre-Lit Green Upside Down Artificial Christmas Tree – Multi Dura Lights


No kidding, it’s actually upside down! This pre-lit tree would be the talk of any dinner party.

Bonus? Do you have cats? Well at least this way they wouldn’t reach many of the baubles. Well… until the ninja kick themselves to the top of course.

It comes pre-lit with lights so you don’t have to worry about running around the tree once it’s up. It was a sturdy base which looks to be cover-able by tinsel or something similar and your presents would definitely fit under it!


2.7.5′ Peppermint Twist Pre-Lit Red and White Rotating Artificial Christmas Tree


I mean wow.

This is pretty unique! Featuring 1023 branch tips and 400 clear mini lights. AND it rotates! The best thing about it as well is, if one of the lights go out, the rest keep on giving!

Imagine having your friends around and there nearly on display is this absolute beauty. It stands at a large 7.5 foot and has hinged branches. It’s easy 5 piece assembly makes it a walk in the snow topped park to put together.


3.Green Canadian Pine Luxury Artificial Christmas Tree | 6.5 ft Tall (195cm) Nearly 4ft Wide | Modern, Stylish & Contemporary Quality Xmas Trees,

This is truly beautiful. stands at 6.5ft tall and is about 4 foot wide, every branch covered in one way or another with a unique berry decoration. This Canadian pine tree is a fantastic example of how a traditional tree can really set the Christmas spirit in place.

Please note though, the tree that is actually supplied doesn’t have baubles, just the berries but here they give you a fantastic example of how a few baubles will really set it off.

This is my idea of how my Christmas tree should look, the reality of what it looks like though is shocking. I’m not great at decorating Christmas trees, so buying a pre-decorated one is the way to go for me, personally.


4.WeRChristmas Pre-Lit Victorian Pine Multi-Function Christmas Tree with 400 Warm White LED Lights, Green, 6 feet/1.8 m

Isn’t this a cutie? 6ft of bushiness, perfectly balanced with pre-decorated LED lights and a folding base.

It’s reputation precedes it, sturdy, well made and pretty perfect. With great reviews, this is a good all round winner. The lights also come with different functions so you can choose from a twinkle right through to an energetic chase.

Ho ho ho!


5.WeRChristmas Scandinavian Blue Spruce Christmas Tree Includes Pine Cones and Berries with Easy Build Hinged Branches, Green, 5 feet

Now here is a tree that for 5ft, still punches well above it’s weight. It comes complete with cones, berries and has a lovely snow finish. For the lesser of the 5, it certainly is beautiful. It looks eloquent without any decorations on as it is. What a little beauty!

This amazing tree is sturdy and harder wearing than you’ll anticipate. It has great reviews and will knock the socks off most trees out there.

My favourite feature here is that everyone says how nice it looks with the snow tipped branches with the lights OFF. I mean the tree is actually out more in the day than it is in the night, true though isn’t it? So having a tree that looks nice in the day also is important.


That about wraps up this list but if I could choose a tree on this list, it would be number 3, with 2 and 5 coming in close. The Canadian pine really is something.


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