The 3 Best Outdoor Christmas Lights For The House


Are you a Christmas Decorating Fanatic or a Grinch?

Let’s assume you are out to get some of the best decorations for your home. You want it to look stunning and more importantly – you want it to look better than your neighbours! Yeah, I know what you are thinking.

So you’ve been scouring Google for the best outdoor lights, you’ve decided it’s time to branch to the outside of the house and show your neighbours how much you love Christmas. A few of them out some decorations up so you figure joining in isn’t that big a deal.

Until you see what you can buy. Oh man is there a lot of great stuff too!

The Top 3 Outdoor Christmas Lights on my list

Here I’m going to go through some of the great sets of lights you can purchase and tell you why. It’s time to invest in Christmas like you never have before, go big or go… home… I guess.

1. Vivo© 720 White LED Christmas Icicle Lights with 8 Mode Chaser Function, Remote Control and Hard Plastic Carry Storage Box Indoor Outdoor Xmas Mains Powered with Memory Function (2016 Version)

This set is fantastic, it comes with a remote control and a memory function that remembers your last setting choice on power down! The best bit? They come in a super handy hard box that is easy to store. What I love about Icicle lights is their ability to turn a house into a magical home for the Christmas spirit.

Boasting a total length of 27.8m these lights are sure to help you brighten up your home or garage! Or if you are actually looking for Indoor Christmas lights and like these, hell you can even use them inside the house if you’d like to.

Quick features overview –

  • 27.8m total length – plenty!
  • Comes in a storage box for your convenience
  • Remote control, memory, 8 chaser function and built in timer
  • 720 icicle lights
  • LED lights – So will be lovely an bright in the crisp winter air.
  • Great value for money


2.  Poeland Garden Lights Outdoor Star Projector Static Firefly with Led

This star projector is absolutely stunning. It looks gorgeous, honestly, you would be the envy of your neighbours with this bad boy. It’s also tremendous value because you can use it all year around too. Kid’s birthday parties, playrooms, celebrations, weddings, just if you feel like it or just a general fun light to bring indoors as well as outdoors.

A great example of this is in the babies room for some fun, so it could be a great Christmas present too…

Overall it’s brilliant value for money and really easy to set up. It’s waterproof so it can be used outdoors at Christmas or anytime really. Throwing a shrimp on the barbie? Pop these lights on too!

Quick Features Overview –

  • Easy plug and play set up
  • Bright large display area. The projection can easily illuminate a large area. (Just be mindful of your neighbours though…)
  • Spike to push it into the ground for stability
  • Remote control
  • Built in timer, you can change it with the remote
  • Your neighbours will ask you where you bought them from


3. Festive Productions Snowing Icicle 720 LED Lights – Warm White

These lights are so highly reviewed, they really do strike a cord with the buyers. Extremely easy to install, these lights look fantastic when they are up. They boast a long cable length of 17.8 lit and 10 lead length as well, that’s a lot of lead!

Quick Features Overview

  • Comes with a multi-action controller
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Bright LED lights
  • Low voltage transformer powered
  • More energy efficient than traditional lighting
  • Stunning Coverage
  • Includes large gutter hooks

If I had to choose one of these 3, I think I would choose the projector at number 2. It really does sound cool and would look proper ace shining on the house at night. It was hard only choosing 3 out of the many lights but these 3 have great reviews, are great value and look great. They should definitely be on your top Christmas list!


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