The Top 10 Monopoly Special Editions Board

Monopoly! The board game that is still creating waves and causing arguments. Now with exciting Monopoly Special Editions boards!

Not to mention that one friend who always cheat when they are the banker!

What I do love about Monopoly are the special edition boards and I know a few collectors that keep them wrapped as they are. Some of them are pretty striking. Monopoly Special Editions do make fantastic presents.

Monopoly Limited edition boards take Christmas by storm and they are an easy present to give once you know what someone is into. Say for example your friends loves Pokemon, the Monopoly Pokemon board it is then! Gotta catch ’em all! The properties that is…

So what are my top 10 Monopoly boards for this Christmas?

  1. Monopoly Game Of Thrones Board

I’ve not reached season 5 yet, I’m a little behind but anyone who appreciates the series, will love the board game. My favourite character? The mother of dragons, yes please!

Monopoly Special Editions


2. Monopoly The Walking Dead Board

How many people do you know that would kill for this? The walking dead became increasingly popular over the last few years and interest is still growing. Smartphone games, pc, console games, have even been created to keep the fans going. If I learnt anything from that series, it’s that a sword is a must and a silenced pistol for back up.

Monopoly Special Editions

3. Monopoly Back To The Future Board.

This is a great collectors piece! If only you could step back in time and change your mistakes in the game, winning would be easy but with the average game taking about 2 hours, this could go on for weeks!

Monopoly Special Editions

4. Monopoly Fall Out Board

A limited edition collectors edition. If you know a Fallout fan, I’m sure they would be impressed to receive this for Christmas. Displayed on a shelf right next to their console and games… nice indeed.
Monopoly Special Editions

5. Monopoly Pokemon Board

I absolutely love this and if I had more space I would most definitely be asking for it for Christmas. It would take pride of place next to my limited edition pokeball headphones and my psyduck teddy.
Monopoly Special Editions

6. Monopoly World Of Warcraft Board

Fantastic collectors edition and undoubtedly will be bought as a Christmas present this year. The following for WOW is absolutely massive including all forms of gaming, real life reenactment groups, board game groups and card games. Even if you don’t play it, you’ve more than likely heard about it.

Monopoly Special Editions

7. Monopoly DC Comics Board

Let’s go retro with this DC game board. Remember the good old days when Robin would say things like ‘Golly Gosh Batman’? No? It’s time for you to revisit this and have a blast from the past.
Monopoly Special Editions

8. Monopoly Skyrim board

If you haven’t played Skyrim by now, you should. It’s a cross between Final Fantasy, Game of Thrones and WOW. It’s a great game, magical with combat and different classes to master.
Monopoly Special Editions

9. Monopoly Assassins Creed Board

I loved the original Assassins Creed games and to be honest, I was pretty shocking at it but I still watched other gamers on youtube with envy. It’s a great collectors piece to have.
Monopoly Special Editions

10. Monopoly The Lord Of The Rings Board

You shall not pass. That was the longest time I have ever sat in the cinema! Incredible films though and the books of course are just as great. I would imagine this board to be pretty epic. I know a good few people who love LOTR and could easily by them this for Christmas, they would love it. It would probably be displayed rather than played but as long as it makes them happy that’s the main thing. I bought a LOTR canvas for my lounge and got asked by my partner if it was Harry Potter… sigh.
Monopoly Special Editions

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