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The Keter Storage Range. Store it out now!

If your partner is anything like me, they like their sheds and they like good storage.

For a while now I have looked at the Keter Storage range and decided a shed will be my next purchase when we move. I’m tired of having no space to storage things in garden and these sheds are very practical.

Is your burning question – Which one? If it is then, it’s a good one! I won’t go into too much detail over all but I’ll show you the different types and the one I want. Well hell, I want a fully kitted out shed with everything but maybe later…

keter storage range
Keter Pack and Go Storage Box

I’ve seen campers use these, the Pack and Go has two wheels on it and can also fold flat for easy storage. It’s ideal for allotments, camping or even festivals where you have a pitch. So I quite like it, it’s definitely a great part of the Keter shed range.


keter storage range
Keter Sherwood Outdoor Plastic Storage Box Garden Furniture, 117 x 45 x 57.5 cm – Brown

This is similar to the above but its a permanent fixture. What I like about this Keter storage box, is that it’s nice to look at. That might sound a little lame but compared to the green and cream ones, it actually looks like it belongs in the garden and can easily be made a feature. Its a compromise for anyone who has a differing opinion to their partner, you can have it all here with this one – storage and grace.


keter storage range
Resin Cabinet keter | Space Winner low | 85 x 38 x 68 cms

This Keter Cabinet is great for inside sheds and lasts well compared to wooden units. It’s a nice size too.


keter storage range
Keter Mini Shed Rattan

A rattan Keter Mini, pretty much matches the box previously and they do actually have furniture in the range that can be used as seats. Again this is the best of both worlds, functional and nice to look at.


keter storage range
KETER Space Winner Louvre – Grey/ Black, 68x38x171 cm

Ah the Keter space – now this is a shelving unit. I could easily fill this out and I’m sure your partner could too. It normally has about 4 shelves but it can vary depending on where you want them. Brilliant piece of kit!


keter storage range
Keter Store It Out Midi Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed, 130 x 74 x 110 cm – Beige/Brown

Keter Midi is another great outdoor storage shed, granted it isn’t pretty like the others but it certainly does it’s job. Great for tools, kids toys, small mowers and all sorts.


keter storage range
Keter Store It Out XL Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed – Beige/Brown, 160 x 90 x 119 cm

Now this is my kind of storage shed, I could get the kids bike it in, the garden tools, pretty much anything that can free stand and I don’t want clutching up the shed. It’s also lockable which is a big must when storing at lot of stuff in there, especially mowers or anything valuable.

Also consider value when you are looking at this range, buy something that’s too big now that you can grow into rather than something small and have to upgrade anyway. There’s a few things I want in the Keter Shed Range and this is one of them. It’s at the top of my list. When we move I’m getting a proper green house and creating a mini allotment in the garden, so I’ll need something to store all my tools and equipment in. This will do the job nicely! I can even fit the bike in too or even if I just want a quick place to put something in, it’s got a lot of room.

Keter are a great brand as well, well known across the hardware industry and the sheds I have seen in this range are really durable and sturdy. I was unsure about having something like this until I felt it in my hands and played around with it – brilliant design and a lot of thought has gone into these products. The Keter storage range is a product range you can trust.

If you do buy something from the Keter storage range, I would love to see it in action. Contact me with a picture or tag me on instagram via yourtopchristmaslists Instagram Account or alternatively use the contact page to get in touch with me.


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