Harry Potter Wands – Official Replicas

Harry Potter Wands! Yes please!

There are two types of wand buyers, those who want to display them nicely in a cabinet and those who want to get them out and swish and flick…

Remember it’s Leviosa not Leviosar!

Here I will be displaying only the NOBLE collection of wands as they produce the official range. The wands come with the replica boxes as well.

Harry Potters Wand –

It wouldn’t be right to start with anyone else’s wand, now would it?

Harry Potter Wizard Wand with Ollivanders Box from The Noble Collection

With this you will get a replica wand and replica box from Ollivanders. The box and wand have been reviewed as deluxe and will not disappoint. There is attention to detail and the wand is also slightly weighted. Loads of people have bought them and been very happy with their purchases.

Even if you are a muggle – you’d be hard pushed not to like it.

Details about the wand from the series – Harrys wand was made of Holly with a Pheonix Feather core, making it the brother wand to ‘you know who’ wand. They are powerful wands and the combination is rare. Harry eventually repaired his wand with the Elder wand after the attack in Godrics Hollow.

Dumbledors Wand –

The Elders wand, one of the deathly Hallows.

Harry Potter Movie Prop – Dumbledore Wand

This beautiful wand is approx 15 inches long and cast in resin so it’s a great replica. The box is also a replica and is delightful from the outside to the inside.

Details about the wand from the series – Made of Elder wood with a Thestral Tail Hair. It’s unique design makes it easy to hold and stand out. Part of the deathly hallows.

Hermiones Wand –

A must for the advanced wizard or witch, muggle born or not.

Hermione wand Ollivander’s box. Harry Potter Noble Collection.

This beautiful wand is approx 15 inches long and cast in resin, the detail on it is superb. The box is a lovely replica but according to some reviews, doesn’t have the name tag so I can’t confirm that either way, I can only go by what others have said as I do not own this wand.

Details about the wand from the series – Hermiones wand is made from Vine with a dragon heart feather, in the series the wand is noted as being 10 3/4 inches and was unfortunately confiscated by the Snatchers.

Lucius Malfoys Wand –

Wow! In the series Lucius has a walking stick which holds his wand and Noble have pulled out all the stops here by giving you the entire thing as per the series.

Lucius Malfoy’s Walking Stick and collectors Wand. Harry Potter Noble Collection

That’s a whole lot of wand! In this superior replica you no only get Lucius Malfoys wand but you also get his walking stick! Noble really have out done themselves with this one. The wand as in the series, sits at the top of the walking stick, forming the handle. You would certainly be the talk of the town! The walking stick measures 46 inches in total length and the wand is 18 inches in length as well, making it one of the longer wands in the collection.

The handle of the wand/walking stick is silver plated and set with actual crystals. The words luxury and deluxe, really don’t do it justice.

From what I can see from other reviews it doesn’t come with a special box but it does apparently look fantastic mounted on the wall and may people have said the snake head is brilliant.

Details about the wand from the series – It’s made from Elm wood with a dragonheart string core. Lord Voldemort ‘borrowed’ the wand but it was sadly destroyed in the battle of the seven potters. I think we all remember the seating around the table when Voldemort asks someone for their wand and he snaps the wand from the snake handle. What a pity!

Professor Snapes Wand –


Professor Snape wand in Ollivander’s box. Harry Potter Noble Collection

Snape, one of the misunderstood characters in the series but deep down he cared so much! This wand is a create tribute to the character and to Alan Rickman who sadly passed. The wand is about 13 inches long and comes with an Ollivanders wand box.

If you love collecting the wands, you certainly need this one in the collection.

Details about the wand from the series – Unfortunately the details about his wand aren’t well known.

Sirius Blacks Wand –

The closest thing to family Harry had, apart from the Weasleys that is! It was a sad time to see Harry lose his Godfather, after not long finding him.

Sirius Black wand Ollivander’s box. Harry Potter Noble Collection.

A great quality wand with lovely detail and a replica box from Ollivanders. A gorgeous addition to the collection and a must to complete Harrys family collection.

The wand box has been reviewed as lined with velvet and silks, making it extra special.

Details about the wand from the series – Again sadly there is very little information on this wand which is a shame as I find it completes the story and adds depth the collection.

Luna Lovegoods wand –

Luna is one of my favourite characters. She’s portrayed as a dizzy hippy type girl but she’s actually very knowledgeable and skilled, if not a little odd at the same time.

Luna Lovegood’s Wand – Harry Potter Noble Collection

This wand has superb detail and is resin cast in cold-cast porcelain. It’s approx 15 inches and comes with the replica wand box and name clip. It has a lovely shape to it and really compliments Lunas character.

The handle represents a tulip and is made beautifully so.

Details about the wand from the series – Unknown sadly but Lunas original wand was confiscated at Malfoy Mannor and this was made to replace it. Out of the 2 wands this is the most memorable and certainly captures Luna very well.

Tom Riddles Wand –

Or he who shall not be named, Lord Voldemort, The Dark Lord… whatever you favour calling him. Snake face, I have heard many a time.

The Wand of Lord Voldemort : Harry Potter Noble Collection.

This very unique wand is a great replica of he who shall not be named wand. The detail is great and you can’t have a collection without it. It comes in a lovely box with a name tag.

According to reviews it’s crafted lovely with unique detail and really does do it justice. You may not be a fan of the character but you can’t deny this want is fabulous! It oozes ‘bad guy’ and will not disappoint you.

Details about the wand from the series – Well OK, we know this. The wand is the brother wand to Harrys with a Pheonix Feather core. The two wands are too much a match for each other which is why Voldemort takes Lucius Malfoys wand and then, the Elder wand.

Something else to consider for your collection

Wand Display Case –

As lovely as the boxes are, if you want to display them, Noble have created a beautiful in keeping display for you to do that too! After all your Harry Potter Wands collection deserves to be displayed proudly!

Ten Wand Display. Harry Potter The Noble Collection

This display will house 10 wands at a time and is free standing but can be hung on the wall according to reviews. The overall reviews for this are very positive, boasting about how it’s beautifully made and looks lovely when full of wands. If you are a hardcore fan, I would get this sooner rather than later as someone will snap it up for Christmas.

Some final notes about these wands

I’ve seen a lot of reviews saying how they have broken after a few hours of the kids playing with it and similar disappointed tones so lets just consider a few things here –

  • The wands are made as a collectors item, not a toy
  • If you want a toy wand for them to play with, don’t buy these, buy these for display not play
  • When giving to Children they should be supervised, some of them have very sharp edges.
  • Noble does specify these precautions on their listings. Often stating they are for domestic use and not suitable for children under 36 months as well as needing adult supervision.
  • If you aren’t sure about something, ask
  • If you want to judge what the products is going to be like, look at the reviews and remember hundreds of people across the world have bought wands from Noble. That doesn’t mean though, there won’t be the odd broken one. Things happen.
  • These wands should come with an authenticity certificate, if yours hasn’t, double check where you bought it from.
  • Paying for a stick and a box – Yes and no, it’s cast resin detailed to the highest quality, they are official replicas, so yes they are going to be expensive for the basic concept of what they are but if you actually think about it, it’s a good price too for a collectors item. The amount of care and details that goes into these are insane.


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