Harry Potter Toys – Best Sellers Quick List

Whispers  *Harry Potter*…

Welcome to my quick list of Harry Potter toys and gifts!

Harry Potter took the world by storm and has come to be one of the most loved series in the world, passing down through families and being discovered over and over again.

Of course in our house Dobby is a regular joke around laundry time and I often ask my partner for a sock. Sadly I never get given one.

Lets take a look at some of the most popular Harry Potter toys and gifts at the moment –


Harry Potter Complete Collection 7 Books Set Collection J.K.Rowling Hardback Red by Unbranded

OK I admit I have 2 sets of the Harry Potter Book set, one for reading and one for display. I’m sure I’m not alone with this? The ones you read get so creased over time and it can spoil the lovely imagery around the book.

So logically having one set for display purposes is merely preserving the art work… I’m an art collector… yes…

Noble Collection NN7041 – Harry Potter: Wall plate Rail 9 and 3/4

This is very cool and I can imagine the eldest would love a Harry Potter Plaque on her bedroom door. This may end up in her Christmas gifts this year! Saying that, I would love to have one on the outside of the house and possibly name the house something…

…might be going a step too far though!


Harry Potter Ceramic Cauldron Mug

I really love this but as I’ve said before, I really love collecting mugs! I haven’t seen this one before though. Most of them are just prints on standard mugs and mainly scenes from the films.


LEGO Harry Potter: Rubeus Hagrid Keychain

Hagrid! Most of the fans I know, rooted for Hagrid the whole way through. He was an invisible hero and the series wouldn’t be the same without him.

My favourite part of the series was the beginning, when he found Harry and told him he was a wizard. The magic unfolded from there on really and he was a pivotal part of Harry’s’ life.


Harry Potter Gryffindor Scarf

An officially licensed Harry Potter Scarf? Yes Please!

I would wear this in the winter, I don’t care what anyone else thinks. This my friends, is the best present you could get all winter. In fact if you have a winter birthday, I would suggest this straight away. Then you won’t end up with an ugly scarf for winter and can have the one you want. Go on, you know you want it!


Harry Potter Crests Playing Cards Deck

I purchased a pack myself after a family request for a game of cards. I have many plain sets but it’s nice to have something patterned to look at. They don’t disappoint and I’ve often found myself looking through them even when we aren’t playing.


Harry Potter With Hedwig Limited Edition Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

Harry Potter and Hedwig, what a duo and that night when Hedwig sacrificed their life to save Harrys was such a tear jerking moment. I think everyone heard their inner voice say ‘No not Hedwig!’.

Of course now if I get a pet, I know one of the name requests will be (and has already been offered) Hedwig. Problem is along with Dobby, I probably won’t be able to resist. Or imagine a air of rats called Dobby and Creature… that could really work!


More Lists!

These really are just the tip of the iceberg for Harry Potter toys and I think to do the Harry Potter Product range justice, I’ll have to break it down into a couple of different posts for different things. Like Harry Potter Wards, Harry Potter Pop figures, Harry Potter Mugs and so on… this could take a while! Once I have done a few I will link them here so if anyone who reads this post wants to get to the others quickly, they only need click the links.


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But you know of course, I’m going to ask you who said it?


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