Feature Product – Harry Potter Audiobook CD Collection

Introducing the Harry Potter Audiobook CD Collection

Harry Potter Audiobook

The Harry Potter Audiobook collection is a gift you get for the Harry Potter fan who has it all.

Harry Potter CD Box Set

 Where can they listen to it?

  • Home
  • Car
  • Work
  • On holiday
  • Everywhere
  • Anywhere

How many CD’s are there?

  • The Harry Potter Audiobook collection has over 100 spanning 124 hours covering all 7 books

Who reads the books?

  • None other than Stephen Fry. An absolute winner, a match made in audio book heaven. He really brings the books to life. If it were anyone else reading them, I don’t think it would have the same brilliance.

What’s the box like?

  • The artwork on the box and discs are fantastic, this particular set is designed by John Duddle to encourage children to join in ranks in Dumbledors army.
  • The box itself is reviewed as sturdy and rather delightful.

My review of Stephen Fry

I’ve so far had the pleasure of listening to him read Harry Potter and the Philosophers ¬†Stone. I wasn’t disappointed! He’s an absolute pleasure to listen to, he’s calm but animated when he needs to be. His voice brings the right tone and depth to the characters and he sets the scene brilliantly. I’m an overall Stephen Fry fan anyway but he’s just incredible. I am so glad they chose him.

Harry Potter CD Box Set

The product over all

This set is incredible, the artwork is stunning, the stories are brought to life more than ever before. This is a really great gift to give and it’s timeless. Imagine you listen to them while doing things around the house or driving on long journeys, your children end up listening in on them too because of it and so the new generation of fans are born. My eldest became a massive lover of all things Potter when I introduced her to them properly. She’s read all the books several times over and has watched all the films countless times. If she could go to Hogwarts, she would. Would I buy the Harry Potter Audiobook collection? Yes I would and when my daughter is older, she will most definitely have one too.

JK Rowling really did create something truly magical and it’s changed peoples lives. Are you one of them?

Harry Potter AudiobookHarry Potter CD Box Set

Click the link above to find out where to buy it, hurry though, it’s a great Christmas gift!

Just For Fun

  • My favourite characters are Hermione and Luna
  • My favourite wand is Lucius Malfoys – it is a walking stick after all!
  • Dobby is my nickname at home and I regularly ask my partner to give me a sock so I can be a free elf. She never does.
  • I have a deathly hallows bracelet and the house icons on pins.

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