My Top 5 Gluten Free Christmas Gifts and Hampers

Gluten Free Christmas Gifts – We all know someone who is gluten free, dairy free or allergic to something. In my house hold we have dairy, gluten, wheat and melon allergies… eating out can be difficult but no impossible but Christmas is nearly always an issue. Not an issue for us but for our friends and family who want to buy us something nice but don’t really understand the complications. Normally I just suggest vouchers, much easier but for those of you who actually want to buy something, this could help you.


Gluten / Wheat free

Now, you’re loved one may be gluten free but can tolerate wheat or barley or can’t tolerate wheat but may tolerate oats – it’s confusing. So for this purpose I’m only going to add things to here that state they are gluten/wheat free, which is dictated by the manufacturer.

Here are some Gluten Free Christmas Gifts for you to consider –

  1. Naked Bars –

These are one of the favourite snacks in our house, particularly liked by the toddler. Depending on the flavour, the ingredients will differ slightly but most have the underlying ingredients of dates.

For example I have a Banana Bread in front of me and the ingredients are dates, banana, oats, walnuts, raisins, apple juice, rice flour, cinnamon, nutmeg. It’s also a may contain for soya, peanuts and other nuts because of how they are manufactured.

But typically those sorts of ingredients are what you will get, with variants.


2. Fantastic Snacktastic Hamper Gift Box

This is a great hamper full of variety and it also says it is Suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians, Coeliacs and Gluten Free. It has a few things in it I have tried myself, the raw chocolate covered mulberries for example. Really nice.


3. Gluten Free Belgian Chocolate Gift Box

Oh yes. Now this is what I am talking about. Take away my nice bread but you cannot take away my love for nice chocolate. They are coated in milk, dark and white chocolate with different flavour fillings. Now this, is a nice gluten free Christmas present right here!


4. Gluten Free Ice Cream Cones

This may not mean a great deal to you but sometimes we all have that favourite we request for Christmas or Birthdays, simply because gluten free items can be really expensive! I mean the average box of cones for someone who isn’t gluten free is less than a pound and you get a decent amount in them. Imagine having to spend ¬£5 on the same box for less – horrific right? So consider any item requested even if it sounds silly, to them it may mean the world.


5. McVities Chocolate Hobnobs

I don’t meet many people who don’t like hobnobs. I remember when I discovered these beauties, oh my god, heaven! Definitely a candidate!


So there was some great ideas here in this article and I’m going to do a few more to follow, they will be diary free ones and gluten free cooking. If you are looking for something in particular, feel free to request a list and I will do my best to do it as quickly as possible.




The boring bit –

I should mention that the information I have here about the ingredients is taken from the product descriptions or the product themselves. This may change and if so, I am not liable. You must check the ingredients and if you aren’t in the habit of checking them regularly on the same item, do it, manufacturers change their ingredients all the time.


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