The Best Dairy Free Food Christmas Presents

Finding dairy free food and being dairy free can be a real downer. There’s always a search for that little something that tastes so close to the original it’s heaven. If you ask people who have dairy free diets they will all tell you something they miss. For me it’s cheese! Cathedral City Mature Cheddar. oh my do I love that cheese. Cadburys Dairy Milk chocolate is another for me.

Christmas was a confusing time for my family, they would often buy me things I can’t eat, like all butter shortbread or cadburys buttons, stuff I’ve eaten growing up and I can’t blame them. Now though there are so many options out there and some of them are lovely.

I’m going to go through a few Christmas Present alternatives for you –

dairy free food

24 Raw Organic Chocolate Truffles (No Added Sugar, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soya Free, Superfood Chocolates)

This looks like luxury in a box doesn’t it? It would make a very nice dairy free present, even just as it is with no wrapping.


dairy free food

Moo Free Hammy’s Selection Box 135g – DAIRY FREE CHOCOLATES

If you are buying for children, these are perfect. You could even break the box down and wrap them individually as stocking fillers. They are great for adults too obviously and I have tried them myself. The chocolate is pretty good taste wise and even our daughter likes it. It gets the thumbs up from us! Granted that in general buying dairy free food treats for children isn’t necessary but on special occasions it’s nice to give them something they can’t normally have.


dairy free food

Gift Hamper – Dairy Free Chocolate Delights

I’ve tried a few things from this range and I haven’t been disappointed, this is a brilliant hamper for a single present or for a combined couple present. I could imagine having a munch through this with my partner while watching a Christmas film, Home Alone or something similar. The cookies look yummy.


dairy free food

Booja-Booja Organic Gourmet Selection, 230g

I’ve saved the best for last here. I have the champagne truffles, in fact it’s become some what of a Christmas theme as my sister gets me them. Twice in a row now for Christmas she has got me these truffle and oh my are they good. They are so good that I ration them in fact, no more than one a month so they last. I know, that sounds sad but it gives me something to look forward to while maintaining a healthy diet.

As a person with a dairy free lifestyle, I would live to have any of these as a Christmas present. Finding nice dairy free food can be difficult and they don’t fill the black holes where my existing treats lived. A long story short, dairy flares up my eczema and while I am integrating it slowly back into my diet, it still seems I’m not over it enough. So until I am, I will crack on with my diary free alternatives and be grateful they exist. Life could be worse after all.


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