Cool Toys You Need To Buy This Christmas

The concept of cool toys…

…back in my day, was the very first furby or a tamagochi. Now they were pretty awesome! Bear in mind, the internet was just a spark then so there was nothing like that to entertain us. Just ourselves, the toys, thin air and each other.

Nowadays, there are so many options for children it’s unreal. Especially when you throw technology into the mix. What was considered cool toys when I was young is now either collecting dust in a loft or it’s so retro it’s worth thousands. Cool toys these days certainly have a different meaning. Remember the Sega Mega Drive or the Dreamcast? Remember those puzzles that were full of water and you pressed the button to get the ball in the grooves! Those were the days my friends!

My Top 5 Cool Toys

Now bear in mind I have a toddler and a 12 year old, so their needs are really diverse, although the 12 year old loves playing with the toddlers new toys…

  1. Kidi Com Max By Vtech

cool toys

When I was about 8 years old, I was bought a VTech laptop. That might sound a bit OTT but it was the 90’s so you can imagine the capabilities in comparison was next to nothing really. But I loved it. It taught me how to type, I played spelling games on it and even wrote my own stories. I should have know then, writing was in my blood.

Now this VTech toy is practically a tablet or phone but for children, it’s designed and aimed at kids while still giving them the functions of a real phone. This connects to the internet so you can contact family and friends, it has a 2mp camera, various games to play for fun, you can watch cartoons on it and download further educational apps for fun. It has a lot more than that, so it’s capabilities are fantastic.

If you like the look of this there is also these in the range as well –

Innotab 7 inch MAX,    Kidi Com Max Pink,    Kidizoom Action Cam


2. N-Strike Elite AccuStrike Raptor

cool toys

There is a massive following for Nerf products and I’ve certainly owned a few myself over the years. The Accustrike series is brilliant as well because as it leads in the name, they offer the stability to improve your aim. Brilliant! Now you can pelt your siblings and feel proud of hitting the target every time! (Disclaimer, in no way do I endorse violence nor encourage children to pound each other with Nerf darts but, if they are going to do it anyway then they can at least do it accurately).

A couple more from the AccuStrike Series –

N-Strike Elite AccuSeries Alpha Hawk Neft Blaster,   Nerf AccuSeries Falcon Fire


3. Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

cool toys

Wow. Now if you are talking about cool toys, this is a cool toy! In a nut shell, this kit provides everything you would need to make and control your own droid. If you have a child or adult who is obsessed with Starwars or R2D2, then this could make for an epic Christmas present. It’s deemed as very easy to use, boasting that kid’s wont need an adult because it has simple steps to follow on the app. You can even teach your droid new skills and can pretty much customise all of it, so you can make your own R2D2 your way!

I know at least 5 adults who would love this and would either buy it or gratefully receive it as a present. Definitely a present to make others jealous.

Also if they like that, check out this –

 Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker Force FX Lightsaber


4. Playmobil Dragons Hiccup & Toothless

cool toys

Playmobil have been launching new additions to the Dragons range and it’s so good, I wish I could justify buying it. Toothless is my favourite character out of the ‘How to train your dragon’ films. I can certainly see my toddler enjoying this in a years time, she loves dinosaurs so naturally I can see this being the next step. This set also has active LED lights and a dart which can be fired from Toothlesses mouth. What a great set!

See also this set as well, it’s a little epic –

Dragons Berk Island Fortress


5. Woofy Whoops Game

cool toys

Ok so I know the name could have been a little more inventive but you have to admit the little dude is cute, right? Well… until he pees on you! The game is a funny chance driven game where party goers could get a little wet. The app controls who by at random will get wee’d on and it is guaranteed to have you laughing. This is absolutely what you need over the Christmas period!

What do I like most about this? The app records the moment you get pee’d on – in slow motion! So you can play it back again and again, just to see that moment of ‘uuurrrgghhhh’. Woofy needs a wee and you need a laugh!


Bonus cool toy –

Furby Boom Hearts – Pink

 cool toys

While I was hunting around for some cool toys for you, I happened a cross this little one and nostalgia kicked in. I owned one of the original furbies, I think it’s name was Coco, it was black and was hungry all the time. When I went to school my Mum would take care of it for me.

This Furby is uber cute and you just know it’s going to put a smile on a kids face. You can also connect it to the Boom app and raise virtual furbies. They really have moved on since my dear furby in the 90’s but even I have to admit, they are still very cool and they are just growing with the times.


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