Christmas Glass Baubles – Christmas Trees Made Pretty

Christmas Glass baubles became all the rage, creating a scenic and elegant style to Christmas tree decorating. No more plastic Christmas tree baubles covering you in glitter, just precious balls of perfection catching the lights.

I’ve seen a lot of different designs over the years and some are really spectacular. I’m going to see if I can find some examples for you, to give you some different options.

6 X Clear Heart Shape Glass Baubles Ornaments for Christmas or Wedding decorations

These heart shaped baubles add such a nice touch, they would even be great as gifts or pre Christmas gifts. Especially to loved ones, I could see me giving these to my partner right before we dress the tree together.

2 x 8cm Opening Hanging Glass Bauble for Christmas Wedding Decoration

Aren’t these a fantastic idea! You could literally put anything you like in there. Imagine babies first Christmas and all the little things you could use for that. A lock of hair for example. Or even propose to your loved one with a ring on the tree! That would be so romantic and what a lovely surprise! So many fantastic ideas here!

Set of 4 Frosted Glass Christmas Baubles (7cm) by Heaven Sends

I think these ones would look lovely on a white or black tree, something minimal but stylist. I can totally see that.

Feather Memorial Bauble Personalised Glass Globe Family Christmas Tree Decoration Handmade Keepsake

Personalised Christmas baubles! Yes! What a lovely gesture, especially in a cosy family setting like this. Or, maybe for your co workers? That would be a pretty sweet gesture too. Personalised gifts really do hit the spot, so much thought has gone into them and that’s what really matters – the thought.

Festive Me To You Tatty Teddy Bear Christmas Tree Decoration Ornament Bauble Glass Merry Christmas Best Mum

I lost my Mum this year, this would have been a lovely gift for her tree. It’s small things like this that mean a lot to people. Every year they get it out of their Christmas ornament box and place it on the tree with the memory of you giving it to them. It’s never too late as well, even if it’s been a while. Small gestures mean big things. Cherish the time you have with them, always.

6 x Multi Coloured Mirrorball 5cm Bauble Effect Mirror Ball Decoration Glass

My daughter would love these on a tree in her room. Imagine how they would catch the light and reflect onto the walls in the dark. It would make a lovely scene.

They certainly make a change don’t they? From the boring solid colours and glitter. I appreciate you can’t change your theme every year but maybe you have a small tree in the house you could do this one or know someone who would love them.

This year I think the theme is a white tree and whatever the children want to put on it. It’s our toddlers 2nd Christmas so this year she will understand more, she will put whatever she thinks is right, on the tree. Could be a crayon, could be a dinosaur and I’m sure she will take them off too but as long as she learns there’s fun in Christmas, that’s what matters to me.


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