Best White Artificial Trees Christmas Trees For Small Spaces

Having a different Christmas from last year is much more fun, isn’t it? Did you notice how popular having different colours has become and how having a white tree with striking colours is much more effective without lights?

Disaster strikes! You have moved since last year, gone to Uni or had to change the room around and you simply can’t fit a big tree in. Don’t despair just yet. I’ve moved around a fair bit over the years, from big places to small places so I know what downsizing is like. I’ve also had cats as well so compromising on the size of the tree has always been the focus around my furry friends.

This year though it will be a toddler that turns 2! Last year I made a tree on the wall with lights. Do we dare try an actual Christmas tree? Maybe a slim Christmas tree, not over the top but a gesture.


If you aren’t into traditional trees or want a change as well, here are some great white xmas trees for you to consider.

The Starmo Luxurious Artificial Christmas Xmas Tree is noted for it’s great value for money. It’s slightly fuller than most of the compact trees but it’s a great contender for a small space. Even if it is 6ft. The bottom diameter of the tree is roughly about 96inches, again not massive compared to some of the fuller trees.


Indoor LED Multicolour Fibre Optic Xmas/Christmas Tree with stand – What an absolute cutie! It stands at a perfect 3ft, great for a small table piece or a desk. In the past we have had things like this in our bedrooms. What I really like about it, it’s a fibre optic led tree with stand, it has it all. Beautiful colours glittering or static, you choose! 


7ft Christmas Twig Tree – Pre Lit With 120 LED Warm White Lights – While I appreciate this is less of a ‘tree’ than an autumn branch with no leaves, it is a lovely rendition and a contemporary twist of the modern. 

But with that said, you can still hang a couple of things on it or embrace its minimalistic approach. It comes in two parts for easy storage and would fit in a range of different spaces. Once being right next to your chair for you to enjoy. Think of the shape as similar to a free standing lamp, the base can pop in small places, hidden even or coverage in Christmas apparel. It actually has a lot going for it!


6ft Slim White Pop Up Christmas Tree 60 LED Lights – OK so I was saving the best for last here! Isn’t this gorgeous! I really love this one. I think this might be on the cards for me you know! 

This is ideal for limited storage, it is the definition of space saving and already has the decorations on it. It’s like instant Christmas! BOOM! If you asked me to pick a tree to have in my lounge, it would be this one or with a toddler, I would at least try it anyway. If it didn’t work out, hell I could even have it in the kitchen safe and sound.


Take a look at this easy table for your convenience

Starmo Luxurious Artificial Christmas Xmas Tree Natural Looking 6ft (1.8M) 600 tips White Indoor LED Multicolour Fibre Optic Xmas/Christmas Tree with stand Green or White various Sizes (White, 3' (90cm)) 7ft Christmas Twig Tree - Pre Lit With 120 LED Warm White Lights - Indoor & Outdoor Use 6ft Slim White Pop Up Christmas Tree 60 LED Lights Tinsel Baubles
Color White White White White
Feature Our 6ft Christmas tree is made from the highest quality materials to give a full and lush look to the tree.
The tree comes with a massive 600 tips and a foldable metal stand
Size: Height 6ft (1.8m)
This artificial tree is almost indistinguishable from a real spruce tree
Christmas tree with safe stability thanks to the stable tree stand
Available in either Green or White
Pre-Lit fibre optic lights (needs to be plugged into the mains, cable and transformer supplied)
Lights can be set to either multi colour or plain white
Lights can be set to constant, glowing, flashing or slow change via a control unit
Beautiful large 210cm xmas snowy white artificial deadwood effect
Suitable for use in a sitting room, kitchen, conservatory, drawing room, garden, living room or bedroom
Includes base to keep this tree stable
Luxury Wedding celebration artificial tall Manzanita wishing tree
Lovely shabby chic style
6ft Pop Up Tree
With Decorations
Slim Shape
Ideal for Limited Storage Space
Use for years
Item Dimensions N/A N/A N/A 1614
Size N/A 3' (90cm) 7ft 6 feet



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