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We all come from different walks of life and certainly our circumstances change. My financial circumstances have certainly fluctuated depending on what I needed in my life at the time. Not everything I buy is new any more, it’s impossible to keep up with luxury things with the prices so sky high. I should say by luxury, I mean the things I don’t need in order to live.

So where can we buy gifts from a reputable source? ┬áIt’s a problematic question I have each time I want to buy something. Last year I bought a PC so my daughter could play games on it, its a shared PC so she had it as part of her birthday as well. It was refurbished, there was no way I could afford the prices of brand new ones. I struggled to find places I trusted. I wish I knew then what I do now.

Amazon. Yes, they have a refurbished and pre-owned shop for you to buy from. It’s called Amazon renewed. So if you are looking for something for your kids or partner or even yourself, check this out first. Click here Amazon Renewed

What do you get with Amazon Renewed?

  • Items are certified as tested
  • You get a 1 year warranty
  • Save money on the brands you love
  • Buy from a reputable company who you can trust
  • If you are a Prime member, you can still get prime delivery

Current featured products (as of date of this post), not bad prices either.

There are loads of different things you can search for though, you’d be surprised. Let’s say you wanted an apple ipad variant, maybe an apple air or something –

First I click on the image in the navigation –


And then it gives me a nice list of tablets I can have a look at. I then refined the choices to ios (apples operating system) and it gave me quite a few choices, these for example –

There’s loads of things you can look for here if an Ipad isn’t what you are looking for. They have loads of things like this Amazon Fire TV system or this Sony Bravia Smart TV. The amount of things I have bought over the years! I could have bought it here cheaper and it would have worked all the same.

I would like to add as well, that there’s no shame in buying refurbished items for gifts, it’s the best compromise. Your receiver gets the gift they want and you don’t spend a fortune getting it.

I would really consider using Amazon Renewed Christmas gifts this year. It really does make sense to at least look at it and compare what is there. Plus you are buying from them knowing that Amazon has put it’s faith in there and it’s name so you are buying with confidence.


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