Amazon Family – Making the most of Prime

Amazon Family helps you makes the most of your Amazon Prime account, meaning you can save money for the other little things in life.

What is Amazon Family?

It is available to anyone who has an Amazon Prime Account. You can take advantage of great deals tailor made with families in mind. Like 20% off nappy subscriptions, save 10% on childrens books and more.

You can also choose the deals which match your childs age range.

Deal examples

I’m going to pick a nappy deal, they go through so many, sometimes I wonder just how many I have bought in a year.

Pampers for example, I pick a nappy and subscribe. By doing that I then save 20% and I can choose how frequently they are delivered. So I could order said nappies twice a month, more or less. They could be my main source of nappies or a back up source, whatever I choose I’m getting 20% off for doing nothing.

Sounds pretty sweet to me! Amazon Family here I come!

Don’t have a prime account?

Click Here to sign up for a Prime account and start reaping the benefits. With a prime account you get more than Amazon Video, you get Amazon Family, free next day delivery and so much more! More features are added, with you in mind!

Join Now –

Click Here to look at the great Amazon family deals once you have a Prime account.


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