Amazon Dash Buttons – What are they?

What are Amazon Dash Buttons?

Amazon dash buttons – Laziness at it’s best or efficiency in an ever growing world – You choose.


The Concept

It’s pretty simple really. The Dash Button is placed in a convenient space so when you are running low of your chosen product, you simply press the button to receive more of it. No going on the laptop to order it yourself or going to the shop.


What do you need for it to work?

Firstly you need to have an Amazon Prime account, Smartphone and secondly wifi. Those are the 3 major components of the service. If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account, click here to sign up. Wifi and a smartphone or table even, I’m assuming you have.


How does it actually work?

Let’s break this down in to the step by step process for clarity

  1. Order the Dash Button you want from your Amazon Prime account. Lets say Tassimo Dash button – coffee is important!
  2. Once it has arrives you set it up as per the instructions, so connect it to wifi and pair it with your preferred product selection.
  3. Place it next to the item that uses it, so in this case wherever the Tassimo lives.
  4. When you are getting low, press the button. The Dash button will send a notofication to your smartphone to let you know it has been ordered.
  5. The indicator will display the progress of your order e.g. green is ordered, red is unsuccessful
  6. Wait for your product to arrive!


Extra good bits

  • There’s a safety feature – the Dash Button won’t let you place an order if one is already on the way. They call it order protection, no matter how many times you press it, it won’t release a new order until the old one is delivered. So if you have a toddler as I do, it’s cool.
  • You get a notification when an order is placed so if you didn’t order it or there has been a mistake, you can simply cancel it.
  • There is a free returns policy as well.


Amazon Dash Button For Christmas

If you know someone who already has a Prime account, you can give it as a gift! How cool is that? Or of course you can gift one to your partner and have it synced to your account as you live in the same house.

Or – if you have a university or college student away from home, why not give them one to take with them and have it synced to your account?


Let’s have a look at some of the Dash Buttons!

Obviously the Neft button, the Play-doh and the Mentos buttons are the best ones there!



Dash Buttons are basically glorified Order buttons. That’s all. But, in some scenarios they will be extremely handy. Think about people with bad memories who can press the button to order the product there and then, to help them so they don’t run out and the order protection feature would prevent them ordering it again until the delivery is here. It would be great for someone who has a carer, when something is low they can ask the person who they are caring for if they can order some more for them and not worry about the exchange of money or receipts.

It’s either a really fantastic idea or laziness to the next level, either way it will always benefit someone greater than expected.


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