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Hi there, Kaci here.

I created this site because I noticed a hell of a lot of people struggle for Christmas gift ideas. If you type Christmas gift into the google search bar it then lists tonnes of searches around people looking for gifts. Things like Christmas gifts for her, Christmas gifts for him, Christmas gifts for students and even Christmas gifts for pets. Not to mention the massive amount of searches for Babies first Christmas.

Maybe you just need a little inspiration, a bit of help along the way. So I am here beavering away compiling the top Christmas gift lists for you. You might see something you like, it may just give you inspiration but whatever happens I’m hoping it will help you.

Here’s a couple of starting points I recommend for you and some of these have my favourite products in.

====> Keter Store It Out Range – I love garden storage boxes like this and actually plan on getting the Keter Store it out xl. Don’t be put off, they are practical gifts and if the recipient has been looking at them for a while, they won’t be disappointed in receiving one. If my partner wanted one for Christmas, that’s what they would get. Hell, I had a dishwasher for my birthday this year.

====> Gifts For Uni Students – Or any student for that matter. Being away from home can be hard and sending gift hampers is a great way of making sure they are getting the food or treats they need. You can get things like, sweets hampers, cupboard or pantry item hampers, alcohol selections and all sorts.

====> Top 5 Gluten Free Christmas Gifts – Being gluten free (or wheat free, oat free… anything free!) can be quite hard, especially if it’s a change in your later years. Buying for someone who is gluten free can be just as challenging and it often leaves you feeling quite lost. I’ve always received Christmas Presents I can’t eat or use but it’s the thought that counts. There isn’t a great deal of guidance really unless you wade through pages of what it all means and what not to do. So in this post I have selected 5 really great products that you could potentially buy for someone who is gluten free. A couple of them I buy myself, like the nakd raw fruit bars and the gluten free hobnobs.

Also you might have seen my requests page, here you can literally send me a request for a list for a product type. Maybe you are looking at mountain bikes or helmets and want the cream of the crop – ask me and I will do the hard work for you!

It is my hope that this site will help you on your Christmas present buying journey and give you the needed inspiration you are pining for.

Good Luck!



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