10 Harry Potter Gifts You Need Now

Harry Potter fans assemble! When I say Harry Potter gifts, I mean, gift them to yourselves obviously! No really, whether it is for a friend, a loved one or yourself, you need this.

I really love coming across unusual gifts or gifts that makes you actually go ‘eeek’ with excitement. That was me when I got a Harry Potter colouring book last Christmas…

So here we go – 10 Harry Potter Gifts for you this Christmas

  1. Harry Potter – Complete 8-Film Collection (2016 Edition) [DVD + UV Copy]

Harry Potter Gifts

This is an absolute must for any fan. Some people buy the downloads on Amazon Prime or watch them through the Kodi stick but, myself I like to have the physical discs. That way, if there is ever anything wrong with the internet, I’ve got the discs to fall back on.

2.Harry Potter Marauder’s Map
Harry Potter Gifts

This exciting map is a replica of the one used in the movies, it’s delicately detailed and won’t disappoint you. It has some fantastic reviews and some have even used it as a wedding guestbook to frame! How cool is that?


3. Cinereplicas Official Harry Potter “Slytherin” Scarf
Harry Potter Gifts

Imagine it just ‘slyther-in’ around your neck to keep you warm? Winter is coming so be prepared! Why not buy a pre Christmas scarf or give one as a present. To have a look at more scarves in the range Click Here.


4. Harry Potter Adult Hardback Box Set
Harry Potter Gifts

I really love these. The artwork on them is great, the box they are kept in makes a fantastic display and better yet – they are for us ‘adults’. You might find the concept a little strange but basically the artwork is designed and geared for adults, as children often prefer a more vibrant or cartoonish book cover. So here they are, just for us adults! Hoooray! Click here to view some of the other brilliant box sets in the range.


5. Mens Black Harry Potter Gryffindor Crest Hooded Dressing Gown
Harry Potter Gifts

Admittedly, this is on my Christmas list. My superman dressing gown has seen better days, it has a few holes in it and I fancy a change. The hood also has a point to it just as if it was a robe… it’s pretty cool… I’m going to get one for sure, even if I buy it myself. It says its a mans but if you click here you can see the rest of the range which includes childrens and womens although dressing gowns are pretty unisex if you ask me, it’s just the length that varies really.


6. Harry Potter Artifact Box (Harry Potter) Noble Collection Replica
Harry Potter Gifts

I wasn’t sure when I first saw this but as a collectors item it’s pretty neat. It would look fab on a book case as well, or next to a wand display stand.

7. Rubie’s Official Harry Potter Pack Gryffindor Robe, Wand and Glasses Child’s Costume – Standard Size
Harry Potter Gifts

As well as Christmas, Halloween is also coming up and I can imagine a few children wanting this. A friend of mine bought one similar for their little ones birthday and they absolutely love it. Guarantee this will be warn straight away once unwrapped!

8 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Spineless Classics Full Text Wall Art Poster on one Page Ideal Gift Suitable for Framing
Harry Potter Gifts

I really love the idea of this, I would love to decorate a wall in pages from one of the books, that would also be great but this is a great compromise too!

9. HP Themed Mug – ‘Marauders Map Mug’ + FREE ‘ I A-Dumbledore You Mug
Harry Potter Gifts

Yes! This is amaz-balls. Imagine being given a black mug and then making your first drink in it! It would be ever so slighting AMAZING! The Dumbledor mug is really cute too! To help preserve the life of these mugs, hand wash them, don’t put them in the dishwasher! My eldest did just that with my space invaders mug… it’s dead now.

10. Fan Pack – Professor Severus Snape from Harry Potter Lifesize Cardboard Cutout / Standee / Standup Alan Rickman – Includes 8X10″ (25X20Cm) Star Photo
Harry Potter Gifts

Yes! Snape Lifesize cutout?! Why not! If you know someone who loves Snape, they will love this. He can stand in the corner of their room or if there’s a harry potter themed party, he can be the door man! Brilliant addition to anyones collection. RIP Alan Rickman.

11. Dobby Door Stop Harry Potter Noble Collection
Harry Potter Gifts

Ok I did say 10 but this is too cute not to! A Dobby door stop! He’s the best house elf ever and now you can have him in yours! I can just see him propping up a fans bedroom door or living room door. I would so have this in my lounge but I have a feeling my toddler would fully take advantage of Dobby’s kind nature and abuse him.

There isn’t one single thing on this page that I wouldn’t buy, ok maybe the childs costume as it wouldn’t fit me but if the eldest wanted it or I found an adult version then yeah… maybe. I was actually thinking about cracking the harry potter colouring book out the other day but I’d need to wait for the toddler to go to bed… you know, I like my colouring in the lines.


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